Our Process

I have CHILLS!!! You really went above and beyond! Can’t thank you enough. It is really incredible. I can’t wait for everyone to see it!!!

David R, Toronto, ON

What Sets Us Apart

We are not just a post-production facility that decided to start producing choir and band ensembles. We are MUSICIANS like you. We are CHOIR LEADERS like you. We know exactly what steps are needed to help make your videos a success – even if your choir has untrained / amateur voices.

It all starts with the right guide video. Our major competitors charge far more than we do yet they leave out the most important part of the process – creating exceptional video guide tracks for our clients. Your ensemble members watch the guide track video as they record their parts. Our “Turn Key” package includes video guide tracks made for each part of the choir including:

  • Conductor: We place the conductor right on the guide track screen to help ensure the choir uses the same phrasing, etc. This can be our conductor or you can replace it with your conductor.
  • Score: We place the score right on the screen above the conductor for choir members to follow as they are making their video. This makes everything much easier for choir members. It also avoids choir members looking elsewhere at music, making noise turning pages, etc.
  • Professional Backing Track: Our team of Juno award-winning musicians create a great instrumental backing track for your piece – or you can use your own.
  • Professional Audio Guides: For choir videos, each part of the choir receives their very own custom made guide guide track with their choir part expertly sung. So, if it’s a soprano part, the soprano will hear her part in her left headphone and everything else in the right headphone. She can use this to learn her part, practice it, and perform it with the correct phrasing and intonation. 
Learn about our Industry-leading Video Guide Tracks

Thank you so much! You were so wonderful to work with and my congregation LOVED the videos! – Donna A, Naples, FL


While larger or more complex projects may take more time, the typical timeline is about 6 weeks:

  • About 2 weeks to create the guide track videos
  • About 2 weeks for your performers to do their videos
  • About 2 weeks for our team to mix sound and edit video

You are in control.

We work with you every step of the way to make sure that you are happy and that your ensemble will succeed at making a great video. This includes providing easy-to-follow, comprehensive recording instructions, easy upload links, data storage, and more.

As the ensemble leader, you have special access to view your performers’ videos as they come in to our servers. Long before the editing process begins, you can decide if you would like a performer to re-record their material. You can also flag recordings for special attention from us such as “This one is going to need a little extra pitch correction!”.

Before we begin editing, we confirm with you all the details of what you would like to see on the screen. Then we confirm with you at every key step along the way to ensure that the video meets and exceeds all your expectations.