Mazel Tov Videos

Mark your special occasion in song and video. Let us help create a beautiful tribute from your friends and family that can become a part of your family’s video history forever.

How It Works

  • You choose a song that is meaningful to you.
  • We provide custom-made, easy-to-follow guide tracks and instructions for your participants.
  • Your participants upload their videos and/or mazal tov photos to our server.
  • You decide which photos and videos to include, adding your own special photos.
  • We make a beautiful video!


Pricing varies with a number of factors: If we already have guide tracks in stock, it’s a bit less than creating them from scratch. And, of course, the more people you have singing in a video, the more it costs to produce. You can look HERE for an overview of our pricing. Here’s an example of a recent video that cost approximately $1300 USD (note: our pricing is subject to change.)

Mazal Tov to Natalie and a big thank you to the Rubin family for letting us show off their video!

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